Dj Røgga
Occpation DJ
Age 18
Active Years 2014-
Genre EDM, Tropical House
Nationality Norwegian
Height 194 cm
Website Unavailable at the moment

Øyvind Steensland (born 28. august 1996 in Stavanger), also known as Dj Røgga, is a norwegian music producer. He creates EDM, with sub-genres like Tropical House, Progressive House and Big Room.

He started playing piano when he was 2010, when he got a keyboard for christmas. </p>

December 2014 he started producing music and the first single, The Hype, was released 23th december. Soon after, the songs Blizzard and Stratosphere were released. All these songs were played live on his Yamaha PSR e423 keyboard and recorder with his Apple iPod.</p>January 2015 he started making music on his computer, using the computer program FL Studio. This led to his first studio album, Waves & Recovery, which was released 19th february. </p>

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